Listed below are press clippings that highlight my work on the City Council. Included after each is an excerpt from the article. To read the whole article, just click on the title!

"District 2 Councilor Spencer Thibodeau led a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the renovated Clark Street entrance to Reiche Elementary School and Community Center. The improvements include an elevator, new interior entrances and a more secure roof. Also, new improvements to crossings on Brackett Street have been finished.

In addition to the improvements to the school building, $85,000 was invested to upgrade Brackett Street crossings. Curb bump outs, lane striping and new parking rules narrow the road and slow traffic. Also, new crosswalks and flashing crosswalk lights were installed."


"At the April 24th City Council meeting, District Two Councilor Spencer Thibodeau donned a life jacket in honor of Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day. And with it fitting snugly over his suit, Thibodeau presented a resolution recognizing National Safe Boating Week.

The resolution states that Portland offers an abundance of opportunities to be on and in the water for recreation, work and travel. Also, it recognizes the West End Neighborhood Association’s grassroot efforts to provide life jackets and training."


Thibodeau, a member of the City Council Housing Committee, is proposing that landlords be required to give tenants without leases 90-day notices before they can be evicted. However, by returning a month’s rent, the landlord could buy a waiver of the proposed 90-day period.

“I think the overall goal from my perspective (is) what we need is landlords and tenants working together,” Thibodeau said.

His plan creates more flexibility for all parties, he said, and tenants who agree to a waiver buyout would also have money for expenses needed to find a new home.


City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight last week to defend a measure he voted on for the city to recognize Indigenous People's Day on the second Monday of October, replacing Columbus Day.

“This allows people to recognize the holiday as they see fit,” said Thibodeau. “And I think it was a reasonable proposal that the council took up.”


On Nov. 15, the City Council Sustainability & Transportation Committee, led by Councilor Spencer Thibodeau, will hold a public hearing on whether the city should not penalize violators of overnight and other city parking rules from June 1-Sept. 30.

“The goal is to bring some additional common sense to parking regulations,” Thibodeau said Oct. 18, the day after the changes were first presented to the committee by city staff.

“Our goal is not to be a ticket authority or raise revenue based on parking tickets,” Thibodeau said. “I hope this demonstrates we are not ticketing for the money, we are ticketing because there is a violation.”


"Recommendations were taken up by Thibodeau’s Sustainability & Transportation Committee through the fall, but the ordinance passed Jan. 3 significantly strengthened regulations requiring an organic approach to pest control that will take effect on city lands July 1.

The ordinance also creates a Pesticide Management Advisory Committee to handle waiver requests, coordinate public education efforts and report on pesticide use annually to the council."


On Feb. 15, the City Council Sustainability & Transportation Committee discussed collaborating with officials in South Portland to engage a consultant to develop a plan with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050.

“Part of that is understanding what our energy use is today and then setting us on a path to get to our goals,” Thibodeau said.

The collaboration is another element to an ambitious outlook in Portland, where councilors have already resolved to use nothing but renewable power sources by 2040.